SimuCube 2 Pro

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SimuCube 2 Pro is most common Direct Drive motor used by professional sim racers and sim racing enthusiast. SC 2 Pro´s powerful motor gives incredibly fast and precise touch/feeling to your driving. With Truedrive software you can get feedback as you like in any sim / racing games. You can also grab and test easily and fast example most common settings for different drivers. Finetune these profiles for your feeling etc… Software is big part of the game when you choose your equipment and aim to perfect feeling or / and precise touch of the road.

When we are talking to best possible driving equipment’s its clear that SimuCube 2 family is always in these discourses. Nowadays Simucube 2 family is trademark

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  • 25nm max torque brushless motor
  • Slewrate 8nm/ms
  • 22bit Angle sensor
  • Ultra low latency
  • Simucube Quick release system is totally rigid and its really fast to hot swap between different steering wheels.
  • Built-in Simucube wireless wheel system
  • Simucube True Drive software controlling how you like sense different forces
  • Warranty 24 month

Packet includes:  SC2 Pro wheel base, power supply, cables, EU-power cable, torque off button, fixings for wheel base, Simucube Quick Release motor side, pin for Simucube Quick Release

You might want to add SQR wheel side kit press here

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm

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