Hamrock Nemesis

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The most uncompromising simulator rig on the market. The days of losing driving feel to flexing rigs are over! Highly versatile and extremely adjustable.


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When nothing is ever good enough. The basis for development has been to create a highly versatile and adjustable rig that has a solid (some may say a little overkill) structure capable of taming even the most powerful DD type controllers now and for years to come. When driving on this rig you are able to feel even the slightest details that the best controllers have to offer. It is madness to spend a fortune on highly responsive controls and let their characteristics go to waste because of structural flex in the rig. That flex also creates a delay in steering as you twist your rig when turning the steering wheel. With a Hamrock rig, you will feel even the smallest changes on road surface, weight distribution and any other element of information provided by state-of-the-art simulation racing platforms. With a better feel of the information you can also react to the car’s behavior without delay.

The driving position on the Hamrock is easily adjusted from a traditional position all the way to a Formula 1 style aggressive racing position. Thanks to its wide range of adjustability the Hamrock Nemesis is equally suited to the youngsters in the family as it is to tall adults. If drivers of many different heights use the same rig, we recommend considering the quick adjustment option. The tool-free quick adjustment option is also useful in shared use situations such as car clubs and racing crews. We can customize all adjustments to use tool-free quick levers. To ensure premium quality all quick adjustment solutions are tight and without any play. This level of rigidity cannot be reached with standard race car slider seat mounts. It is all about attention to detail and the ultimate experience.


The package includes all required pre-cut aluminum profiles and assembly parts. As an extra, we also provide a selection of groove slider nuts with M4, M5, M6 and M8 threads. These can be used for mounting pedals, gearshifters etc.


Weight 43,6 kg
Dimensions 140 × 20 × 20 cm
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