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***Note! The rig itself does not automatically include the display mount, seat or controllers. You can add the display mount to your order***

Our karting rig is meant for the smaller members of the family and is suitable for a max height of approximately 150 cm. The absolute maximum height of the driver is difficult to determine as it all depends on the driving position, pedals and other controllers.

If the height of the rider is on the limit, please note that our standard rigs are suitable for drivers from 130 cm onwards and accept a karting racing seat as well.

A wide range of adjustability ensures optimal driving position for all drivers. The Karting rig is designed for easy installation of a karting race seat. The rig accepts all “junior size” racing seats. The seat is mounted by 2 bolts underneath and by support bars on the backrest.

The seat has a freely adjustable angle.

The steering wheel mount height and distance can be adjusted. The angle of the steering wheel is also adjustable so the driving position closely matches that of an actual karting car.

The position of the pedal cradle is freely selectable and it features adjustments for height, distance and angle.

The Karting rig accepts practically all makes and models of pedals and other controllers. Despite its smaller size, the Karting rig is designed to handle the forces of even the toughest controllers on the market.

All our rigs are manufactured in-house in Finland so they are also highly customizable if needed.

Should you so wish, we can source all the equipment such as steering wheels, pedals, displays, computers and other accessories, install them and ship as a complete package.

For a true custom solution, please contact info@rsh.company or give us a ring at +358 400 895 777.

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)

Dimensions: 100cm x 44cm x 50cm

Weight (without extras): approx 15 kg


Seat: Distance and angle

Steering wheel: Height, distance, angle

Pedals: Height, distance, angle

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 30 cm
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