Hamrock Hades

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The Hades features the same versatility and adjustability as its big brother Nemesis. The Hades has a slightly lighter bottom frame.

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Don’t let the light price tag fool you, the Hades packs a heavy punch. The concept of the Hades had our R & D department scratching their heads for a while. The goal was to develop a simulator rig that is positioned somewhere in the middle of the price range. At the same time, we could not skimp on the features and performance. This led in extensive calculations and testing to optimize structural rigidity in the most critical places. The forces affecting the seat and pedals are mainly longitudinal so the structure of the main frame was designed to cope with longitudinal forces. On the other hand, the forces caused by the steering wheel are lateral. We knew we could not compromise lateral rigidity and steering precision. After some trial and error, we came up with unique “L” shaped steering column profiles. The steering column is in fact sturdier than on our flagship Nemesis.

Following our ethos of compatibility and adjustability all mounts such as the steering wheel, pedals and seat are adjustable for height, distance and angle (tilt). This is a rig that we are happy to promote as compatible with all steering wheels, pedals and other controllers. It is as rigid as you could hope for so the feel for the “road” is top class. With a little customization, the Hades can be altered to be lifted upright for storage purposes. When lifted to its storage position, the Hades takes up as little as 0,4 sqm of space making it ideal for smaller spaces.


The package includes all required pre-cut profiles and parts needed for assembly. As an extra, we’ve thrown in some groove slider nuts (M4, M5, M6, M8) that you can use to easily attach accessories to the rig.


Weight 32,3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 20 × 20 cm
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