RSH E-Sport Company

Our main focus is on high quality simulation products. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative and interesting products to add to our collection. Our own family of products consists of Hamrock™ simulation rigs. The cornerstone for our rig development has been to provide a sturdy and solid solution capable of handling any situation. These rigs can easily handle even the most powerful responsive controls on the market. In addition, the adjustability on our rigs is second to none. The user can be almost any height and still find a comfortable driving position.


The modular structure of Hamrock™ rigs allows for extremely good customization. You can complete your rig with accessories, such as monitor stands, mouse and keyboard platforms. In the case that you cannot find any suitable solutions in our accessory list, you can quickly get profile cut to size from our storage, as well as a very comprehensive assortment of the most common fasteners.


Structure and style

As the late Henry Ford said in his time: It can be any colour as long as it’s black. In the automotive world the colour palette has somewhat expanded from those days. The aluminum profiles used in our rigs are anodized black to give the them a timeless, classy depth. Each Hamrock™ rig is designed to exceed the user’s expectations. Our rigs are ready to take on and tame even the strongest DD controllers without breaking a sweat. There are pedals that provide up to a 100 kgs of force but even these will not cause flex on the Hamrock™. Both longitudinal and lateral forces have been taken into account in the design of these rigs. With a solid foundation, you can fully enjoy the benefits and characteristics of your top-of-the-line controllers.



A generous range of adjustment makes the Hamrock™ rigs highly suitable for different sizes of drivers. The mounts for the steering wheel, pedals and seat have adjustable height and angle. This ensures all users can find their own sweet spot. The rig can also be equipped with quick adjustment levers so you can adjust the position without any tools. The quick adjustment option is ideal for car clubs, testing purposes or for a family of racers of different sizes. With our vast stock of components and the needed tools, we are able to customize any aspect of our rigs. Feel free to contact us with your wishes.

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